Peppermint Grove Heritage Tour

IMG_0481The Grove Library has developed a digital heritage tour for the beautiful suburb of Peppermint Grove with generous funding from the Department of Culture and the Arts. The trail is a “virtual” tour which is accessible via any internet connected mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet; a limited number of portable Opus devices will also be available for loan from the Grove Library to enable everyone to enjoy the tour.

The content has been researched by Dr Sue Graham Taylor, drawing on the archives of The Grove Library and Presbyterian Ladies College. Professional media company Acousticguide, which has developed tours for major tourist attractions around the world, has produced the final product with professional graphics and narration.

Download free from iTunes

Those taking the tour will be able to view historic images and listen to narration about points of interest viewable along the trail. The physical tour has been designed to take around an hour and a half to complete, in a circuit from The Grove; a pleasant outdoor activity for residents and visitors of Peppermint Grove. Those unable to do the tour in person, can complete the tour “virtually” via the Internet.


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