Albion Hotel or Half Way House?

This has always had people scratching their head!  Is the Albion Hotel on Stirling Highway the original hotel which John Butler built back in the mid 1800s?

Well the answer is NO!

John Butler acquired a block of 250 acres of land way back in 1830.  He was granted the land due to the wealth of the cargo he bought with him from the United Kingdom.  This land later became known as Peppermint Grove.

Back in those days there was a track running from the river up to Perth, possibly along the same route as View Street today.  John opened an Inn along the route from the crossing  which was originally referred to as The Bush Inn or Half Way House.  He established a flourishing  business from travellers on their way from Fremantle to the Perth.

As time progressed the Perth to Fremantle road was comissioned and the original track was relocated to the site of the current Stirling Highway.  As the use of the river crossing declined, the Inn lost trade and the license lapsed.

Another Inn prospered from the newly formed Perth to Fremantle road.  It was built on the site of the current Albion Hotel.  John eventually moved with his family over to the Eastern States but after his death, his wife returned to Perth to reclaim the estate left behind in the care of Thomas Bailey.

So there you have it…mystery solved!


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